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If you really want to impress your guests, get hot or cold canapes catered to your home or venue.

Vegan and Seafood Canape catering in Sydney

Delicious canape catering in Sydney

This is a type of chic finger food that is equally stunning and delicious. Every platter of canapes is like a decoration on its own. And if you’re in the Sydney area, you should choose Platinum Events & Catering for your canape catering. No one does canapes quite like us!

Why choose canapes?

These hors d’oeuvres are the perfect size and shape to entertain with. They’re easy to eat, but bursting in flavour with a delightful contrast of textures. Some can even be eaten in a single bite! You can serve canapes before or after a meal as well as in place of a meal. Canapes are often served alongside cocktails.

Many types of canapes are layered. They usually have a base made of bread, pastry crust, or a cracker. Then they have a spread that can be as simple as butter or something more complex and flavourful. This effectively serves as a barrier to protect the base from becoming soggy. 


The next layer is made of the main component such as meat or seafood. For vegetarian or vegan canapes, this will be a fruit or vegetable. Lastly, canapes are usually topped off with a garnish such as herbs or caviar. All these layers create highly aesthetically-pleasing food.

Canapes for all palettes and all occasions

Our canape recipes draw on flavours from a wide variety of cuisines. We have everything from classic combinations to innovative creations you may have never tried before. Every palette will be able to find something they like on our canape menu! Most events include a combination of hot and cold canapes to give guests the most diverse options.

We are also proud to be able to feed people with a variety of dietary restrictions. Because of this, we have many gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan canape choices on our menu!

No matter what kind of canapes you choose for your event, you can expect the most exceptional service. We make catering parties of all sizes easy and stress-free. Our staff is friendly and professional and will be a wonderful addition to your event.

Vegan and Seafood Canape catering in Sydney

Cold canapes

  • Prosciutto and asparagus wraps
  • Seasoned vegetable and haloumi skewers
  • Cherry tomato, baby bocconcini, and basil leaf skewers
  • Antipasto bruschetta of chargrilled capsicum, sliced olives and crumbled feta
  • Zucchini flowers with honey truffle and parmesan cheese
  • Smoked salmon, citrus hollandaise and chives on melba toast
  • Chargrilled scallops with salsa verde and glass noodles, served on an Asian soup spoon
  • Bitesize mushroom cups filled with ricotta cheese topped with baby spinach leaves and drizzled with balsamic
  • Tandoori chicken topped with Greek-style yoghurt on sliced cucumber
  • Peking duck pancakes with Asian spinach with hoisin dipping sauce
  • Mixed sushi served with soy sauce and wasabi
  • Wagyu bresaola roll with honey truffle, rocket and parmesan
  • Seasonal fruit skewers

Hot canapes

  • Tandoori chicken skewers with tzatziki
  • Chorizo sausage slices topped with roasted red capsicum
  • Spiced grilled prawns with guacamole salsa served on lightly fried tortilla squares
  • Mini beef meatballs served with tomato dipping sauce
  • Tempura prawns served with aioli
  • Mini slider selection (chicken, beef or lamb)
  • Salt and pepper calamari served with a lime aioli
  • Four cheese arancini
  • Sweet potato and corn fritter served with smoked salmon and avocado
  • Fried ravioli chips served with Napolitana sauce
Vegan Canape

Choose Platinum Events & Catering for all your canape needs

If you’re interested in serving hot or cold canapes (or both!) at your next special event, choose Platinum Events & Catering. We promise to do our part to make your next get-together a success.  Our canapes will wow all your guests!

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